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Research Panel 2013

On Friday, October 11th, 2013, SEBS hosted an undergraduate research panel geared towards helping Columbia students find research opportunities on and off campus during the year and over the course of the summer. Speakers included:

  • Sarah Berlinger (CC ’16) Chemical Engineering
    • Research Assistant in the West Electrochemical Engineering Lab
  • Christine Chen (CC ’15) Biomedical Engineering
    • Research Assistant at the Cellular Engineering Lab
  • David Gabriel (CC ’15) Psychology
    • Research Assistant at the Department of Psychology
  • Elora Lopez (CC ’15) Environmental Biology: Ecology and Evolution Track
    • Research Assistant at American Museum of Natural History
  • Hannah Skolnik (CC ’15) Environmental Biology: Ecology and Evolution Track
    • Researcher at the Rubenstein Lab
  • Kevin Yan (CC ’15) Biophysics
    • Research Assistant at Dr. Julio Fernandez’s Biophysics Lab

Hazel May, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, spoke of resources, both online and in person, that students could utilize to find suitable research positions that would compliment their interests. Meanwhile, student panelists described their search for a lab as well as their actual experiences in the field. They emphasized persistence in regards to outreach and explained the process of contacting professors and securing a position. Most professors were looking for students who were willing to commit long-term, which is advantageous towards first and second years.

Working in a research lab provides students with the opportunity to gain a multifaceted exposure ranging from managing a lab to working on a comprehensive long-term project. Under given circumstances, students may be provided with the possibility of creating and completing their own research project and potentially publishing a scientific paper. Research experience is valuable in terms of determining specific interest in broad subject areas and provides students with a basis for post-graduate plans.

Through this event, SEBS hopes to encourage students to reach out and take advantage of all the research resources available through others’ experiences.

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