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Celebrating Engineering!

Hello Columbia!

2014 EWeek PosterWalking down College Walk, you may have noticed something different. No, it isn’t the sunny skies or the snow that is finally melting away. It’s Low Library, lit up with bright blue lights and the the SEAS logo. This is the beginning of the celebration of SEAS’ sesquicentennial anniversary, coinciding with national Engineers Week.

So, what is Engineers Week, affectionately known as E-Week, all about? While copious amounts of food and free t-shirts is certainly part of it, it is a much larger celebration of the importance of engineering and the cultural impact engineers make every day!

If you’re already on this site, you’re probably aware of some of the awesome things that engineers are involved in, from the latest medical technologies to building apps like Flappy Bird.

But E-Week isn’t just about celebrating our achievements, but our engineering culture. And, unless you’re an engineer, this is probably much more of a mystery to you. Taken from DiscoverE‘s (the coordinators for national E-Week) website, here are some of my favorite reasons to love engineers and engineering culture:

  • Be Creative: For people who pride themselves on their mathematical prowess and scientific knowledge, you’d be surprised how much creativity is required. We constantly have to look at problems from unique angles and invent new methods of doing things, requiring super-creative people.
  • Work With Great People: With the kinds of tasks required by engineers today, it is simply not possible for one person to do it all. But this means there are always opportunities to work with new people and get to learn about their specific interests and their perspectives on problems (as well as constantly making new friends).
  • Travel: Engineer’s don’t just sit at their desks and work on equations! Frequently we’re required to travel out into the field to monitor the implementation of the projects we’ve been working on. And, if you can’t through your normal job, you can volunteer throughout the world with organizations like Engineers Without Borders.

Although E-Week is officially winding down and coming to a close, engineers and engineering culture is constantly a reason for celebration. So, the next time you walk by an engineer on College Walk, give them a big high five to remind them how important the work they do is to you!

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