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NYCSEF Volunteering Spring 2014

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On Sunday, March 2nd, board members of CU SEBS trekked up to City College at 137th Street to partake in the excitement of the New York City Science and Engineering Fair for high school students as volunteers. From signing out judges, organizing and sorting through evaluation sheets, and occasionally perusing through the sea of rising, ambitious researchers, the crew had an eventful and rewarding afternoon. Students from schools throughout the five boroughs attended, though Manhattan was quite well represented and a few had even completed their research in the laboratory of a Columbia faculty member. Sarah Amalia Berlinger, Chemical Engineering SEAS’16, an alumna of the Fair, was particularly excited to see the innovation of those that came after her and assess it. Please take the opportunity to encourage young siblings, friends, and acquaintances in high school who are naturally inquisitive and captivated by the questions that our search for scientific understanding give rise to, to take advantage of possibilities that open such doors and please contact CU SEBS if you are interested in volunteering with us or have ideas about mentoring initiatives or science opportunities that you’d like to see supported on campus. photo 2


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    Great work guys!!