Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS) is a Columbia University student organization dedicated to bringing an increased awareness to the Columbia community about scientific and technological issues of social relevancy.

Our mission is to bring focus to the roles of scientists and engineers in the betterment of societies.

Our vision is to foster interest, discussion, and action in the fields of science and technology through our events, projects, and website content.  Through these we hope to benefit the Columbia University community and its surrounding communities.  Our efforts will yield both short and long term results.

Highlights from our website will include news of our events and projects and relevant news from our campus. We will also profile faculty and alumni who exemplify our values, and hope that the site will act as a forum to blog about critical issues from the scientific community.  We are interested in the impact that developments in science and technology has on our society, and vice versa.  We hope to engage our audience in discussing how new scientific developments will impact our daily lives, or how new legislation may affect technological progress.  We are looking one day to meaningfully improve the quality of our society, by applying our scientific and engineering education at Columbia as our solid foundation.  For now, we choose to work on projects and campus events, and to use our website to shed light on people and work that are making a difference, both on the challenges facing our world today, and on the possible solutions offered to us by science and engineering.

Please join us in our campus events and visit us often on our website.