SEBS Board 2013 3

Executive Board 2012-2013

35087_418879498604_7967413_nDarren Chu, President
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Darren left his high school as the valedictorian, head of the house prefect, and captain of the basketball and tennis teams.  Since coming to Columbia, Darren has held positions on the Engineering Student Council, the Asian American Alliance and Columbia Community Outreach boards.  He competes in intramural basketball at Columbia and is a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.  He is currently a junior studying Chemical Engineering and has interned in the Financial and Oil & Gas industries.

Kevin McDonald, Past President 2011-2012
Kevin has been with the club since he was a freshman, rising from OCM to Treasurer, then to Vice President, and finally President of SEBS. He’s double majoring in electrical engineering, with a speciality in communication and networks, and in Political Science and expecting to graduate with SEAS ’12 and CC ’13. His academic passions include technology policy, specifically with regards to the internet and alternative energy. He hopes that his two majors will allow him to turn this passion into a career.

Eric Bohn, Vice President, Project Development
Eric is a junior Civil Engineer who is also minoring in Architecture. Outside of SEBS Eric is involved with Engineers Without Borders – Morocco, ASCE Steel Bridge Competition, and Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. He is interested in urban planning/studies and music production/mixing outside of his academic fields. He loves to play sports and most of all have a good time with friends.

Stephanie Sarbanes, Vice President, Campus Programming
Stephanie is the Vice President of Campus Programming of SEBS. She is a senior in the College majoring in Biology and looking to pursue research and teach.  She’s allllll about viruses, DNA, phospholipids and other tiny and beautiful things.

Kelsey Roberts, Vice President, Community Outreach
is a sophomore studying biochemistry at Columbia College. During her first year at Columbia, she chaired the BioBus event on campus with Eric.  For the 2012-2013 school year, she is the Executive Board as SEBS’s VP of Community Outreach.  She is interested in research, and through SEBS hopes to show others how fascinating science can be.

kevKevin Yan, Vice President Communications
is currently a sophomore at Columbia College, majoring in either neuroscience or biochemistry.  A member of the SEBS Executive Board, he is the VP of Communications.  In his free time, he enjoys following sports teams from his home state of Texas, including the Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavericks. When he’s not doing research in a lab or studying for a Mowshowitz bio exam, Kevin can be found spending time with his close friends over his favorite TV show, Modern Family.

Tony Hung, Vice President, Finance
is a sophomore aspiring Operations Research pre-med in the Engineering School. In addition to his engineering background, he serves on the SEBS Executive Board as the VP of Finance.  In his spare time, he likes to hang out, eat, game, party, sing, and play guitar with a little bit of harmonica on the side. A native of New York, he is an avid Jets and Nets fan (despite last year’s struggles) and likes all things tech.

Christine Chen, Vice President, Publicity
is a sophomore at Columbia Engineering, majoring in biomedical engineering and hoping to attend medical school. A member of the SEBS Executive Board, she serves as the VP of Publicity.  She is currently involved with research at a lab on campus, where she is learning tons about cell and tissue engineering. When she is not volunteering, Christine enjoys learning different languages, spending time with her close friends, and playing basketball.

Operating Board 2012-2013

Walid Ahmad, Operating Board
Walid, SEAS 2014, is an Applied Physics major with a minor in Economics; Originally from East Hampton, CT, I transferred to Columbia from UConn last semester. My other activities on campus include working as a Research Assistant at the Department of Astroyphysics. I’m currently working on the GAPS project under Professor Hailey, which involves fabricating and testing Silicon X-Ray detectors as part of a balloon-borne experiment meant to search for the presence of dark matter particles. Other interests of mine include soccer and music.

Margaret Chou, Operating Board
Margaret is a freshman in Columbia College and plans to major in Biology with a concentration in Music. Hailing from New Jersey, she spends most of her time dabbling on the piano or guitar, singing haphazardly, and participating in solo dance parties. Her interests mainly focus on epidemiology and she may be researching next semester.

Ricky Raudales, Operating Board
A tinkerer from a young age, Ricky has never turned down the opportunity to learn how something works. These days, he spends much of his time headbanging against the wall when an orgo problem set doesn’t go his way. He much prefers to read about the brain, anyway. As for the unforeseeable future, Ricky hopes to attend graduate school for neurobiology, upon where he anticipates more headbanging will occur.

Sam Schipani, Operating Board
Sam Schipani hails from what she likes to tell people is Washington, D.C. but is actually northern Virginia (she’s coming to terms with this fact day by day, bear with her). She is a sophomore in Columbia College and a prospective Neuroscience and Behavior major, though that seems to change daily in these trying times known as Sophomore Slump. Sam looks forward to planning more exciting science-y events with SEBS as well as continuing to write bios in the third person, as it makes her feel quite official.

Christa Shen, Operating Board
Christa is a freshman in Columbia College majoring in Environmental Biology. She loves exploring the outdoors, so she hopes to pursue a career involving field research. In her spare time, she enjoys running around, spontaneously dancing, and spending time with friends.

Akiko Shimizu, Operating Board
Akiko is a freshman in Columbia Engineering interested in pursuing a major in Earth and Environmental Engineering. In her spare time she enjoys working with digital art, music, and origami. She looks forward to continued collaboration with her fellow club members and is hopeful of the good that can be brought about by the activities and contributions of SEBS both to the campus and the city beyond its gates.

Hannah Skolnik, Operating Board
Hannah is a sophomore in Columbia College from New Jersey studying Environmental Biology with a Focus in Ecology and Evolution. This is her first year at Columbia because she transferred from Johns Hopkins in the fall. She’s been loving Columbia thus far and can’t imagine a better university. Hannah is particularly interested in the field of epigenetics and she’s very excited for a career in scientific research.

Sasha Stedronsky, Operating Board
Sasha is a sophomore at Barnard College. Having spent a gap year in Asia, she loves to travel and learn new languages. Although she is a chemistry major, she dreams about the day she is accepted to business school. When she’s not in the laboratory, you’ll likely find her at the gym, surfing SeekingAlpha, or spending time with her sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Alfred Tan, Operating Board
Alfred is a sophomore in Columbia Engineering, majoring in Computer Science and hopefully minoring in Economics. He’s very interested in creating multimedia applications for the Internet and mobile devices.  In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, staying up to date with news about space, and watching movies. He is looking forward to the upcoming events and projects of SEBS and getting to know the members of SEBS better.

Robert Viramontes, Operating Board
Robert is a freshmen at Columbia Engineering, hoping to study Electrical Engineering! He is interested in the intersection between technology and art, and how each can help to inform and enhance the other. He loves being at Columbia because of the amazing people he has met and opportunities he has had, like becoming involved in SEBS! Outside of class, he enjoys exploring New York City with friends and visiting museums (and Apple stores throughout NYC because they’re museums in their own right!).

Alex Wu, Operating Board
Alex is currently a freshman in Columbia Engineering who intends on pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering. Originally from New York, he loves to keep up with the most recent business news and learn about the latest innovations in science and technology. He is a diehard Yankees fan and in his free time, he likes to play sports, eat, and read. Alex is extremely excited about the amazing opportunities here at Columbia and hopes to contribute greatly to the community and to the SEBS team!

Anthony Yang, Operating Board
Anthony is a freshman in Columbia Engineering from New York, hoping to study Biomedical Engineering. Outside of class, he does research in the field of computational biology. Currently, he is trying to learn about machine learning in order to progress his research. In the future, he hopes to go to medical school and become a doctor.

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