Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS) welcomes you to our annual BioBus event at Columbia University! It will be on Saturday, April 5 from 12pm (noon) to 4pm.

The Cell Motion BioBus, founded in August, 2007 by Ben Dubin-Thaler, a 2007 graduate of Columbia University (Ph.D Cell Biophysics) brings hands-on science education to kids around New York City. It is literally a moving science lab, geared with high-tech equipments that has been a sort of a “Magic School Bus” for over 10,000 students a year in the New York City public schools and more. The website which describes the program in detail is:

SEBS is partnering with the BioBus because our vision is to foster interest, discussion, and action in the fields of science and technology through events and other platforms. We hope to benefit the Columbia University community and its surrounding communities. This event greatly aligns with our vision and we are excited to be working with Ben and the BioBus again. You can see pictures from the event here.

Because of the past years’ successes, we have invited BioBus to return to campus this April! We will be hosting a day of lessons on the bus among other science-related activities. And this is where you come in! We will be opening up the bus to the Morningside Heights/Harlem community and inviting kids (primarily K-6) and parents onto the bus for a half hour science lesson shift with one of our newly trained volunteers! In addition to the lessons on the bus, we will have a variety of science-related games, crafts and activities for the kids to engage with in the area around the bus. Our students are so excited to meet and work with these kids and above all to share their intense enthusiasm for science with them!

We look forward to seeing you all at our annual BioBus event!


  • Who is hosting this event?
    This is a collaboration between Columbia University’s student organization, Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS) and The Cell Motion BioBus.
  • When will this event take place?
    This year the Biobus will be at Columbia on Saturday, April 5 from 12pm (noon) to 4pm.
  • How do I get to College Walk at Columbia University?
    Take the 1 train and exit at the 116th street stop. College Walk is directly on 116th street, between Broadway and Amsterdam. The main gates of Columbia will be open on either side of 116th street, so just walk right in onto College Walk (center of campus).
  • Is this event free?
    Yes! Please feel free to come by!
  • Are parents, teachers, and groups of kids from school, churches, or other organizations welcome too?
    Of course!
  • Are there any photos of the past BioBus events?
    Yes! Click here!


Please feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions or concerns.